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Company Overview

SeedNet Sdn. Bhd. (SeedNet) is a MSC Status Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in CRM, Customer Acquisition, Channel Management, Supply Chain and Retail Management for Telecommunications (Telco) industry. As a member of SeedNet Group of Companies, SeedNet Sdn. Bhd. currently handles more than RM300 million a year in Telco device (phones, modems, SIM, etc) and is fast becoming a leader in this niche segment with majority of the market share in Malaysia.

SeedNet custom software application development services to clients across the globe to help organizations achieve their mission-critical goals. Off-the-shelf products seldom meet client needs completely, and working with SeedNet allows clients to create their own solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way.  Selecting the right TCM is important for future growth and success. Many clients have a significant investment in their current technologies that need to be leveraged to meet their growing IT requirements, and other clients are seeking new state-of-the-art solutions to meet their needs. In either situation, SeedNet has the expertise to provide the TCM to ensure the success of the client’s business strategy.

Incorporated in 2010, SeedNet is sweeping across the Malaysian Telco space with adoption from 2 out of 4 local Tier 1 players as its customers. Some of the achievements of SeedNet are achieving MSC Status within 6 months of incorporation and hit a revenue exceeding RM1 million in 2011 alone.

SeedNet plans to enter the regional market through its clients' affiliations, smart partnership with Technology Partners that it adopts and engages regional clients through a robust, value adding channel network. As the result, SeedNet welcomes inquiry around partnership and work together in addressing the needs in this niche area.

Besides its current flagship product of TCM, SeedNet is also providing other solutions like Mobile Catalog.