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Total Customer Management

  • Total Customer Management (TCM) is a software suite that consists of modules that enables Mobile Operators/Telcos to run a retail business from end to end
  • TCM focuses on managing all customer touch points in a distributed network of direct and indirect channels
  • TCM is aimed at addressing the unique challenges Telcos face in areas of sales, registration, activation, provisioning, work order, fulfillment, etc. all the way to channel, inventory, supply chain, incentive and payment management.
  • TCM gives business (sales & marketing) the flexibility to maneuver without making huge changes to multiple systems. It also helps management to track and monitor the stock movements and sales performance of channels.
  • TCM is a product which evolved from several years of providing these solutions to Telcos.
  • TCM comes with a variety of licensing model, ranging from outright purchase to total outsource, in order to suit various client environment.
Total Customer Management

Includes outright sales to complex ones based on the customer profiling (rate plans, contract, discount, etc).
Customized form to capture various types of registration and better control and experience with integration to billing for eligibility checks and provisioning.
Focuses on backend integration to enhance overall experience and timeliness. Almost instant activation of customer subscription and the provisioning of the relevant services.
Manages and tracks work required such as scheduling, delivery, installation, fault checking. It works hand in hand with inventory where devices may be concerned.
Tools for the workforce that manages the installation and fault, with simplified workflows that are easy to use.
Classification and cataloging of the channel partners, internal or external. This also includes the access rights control to system functionality.
Detailed tracking of the stock movement at every stage of its lifecycle provides transparency. This means better control of stock holding entities as well as visibility of devices held by customers.
Manage upstream communication to the supplier and/or 3PL. This modules supports consignment based arrangement, including inventory status update upon sales and settlement reports.
This module focuses on integrating with an existing Point of Sales by posting all payment transactions.
Point based calculation system which can be used for incentivizing channels or loyalty to customers. The system can be configured to recognize different transaction and calculate the points. It supports automatic and manual redemption of the points