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Company Vision

SeedNet is about "Improving quality of life through Seeding the Internet with value-adding applications". The very core of this vision is to transform the current state of the Internet from a consumer browsing, communication and file swapping centric use to one that can deliver value to its users by improving efficiency, enabling new function, disseminating time-sensitive information and executing secured transactions for consumers and corporates alike.

With most consumers and corporates viewing the Internet as a casual, non-essential means of communications and maybe even entertainment medium, this can only be transformed with innovative use of the medium to bring values that was impossible in the past. Example would be a customer self service web presence that is available 24 hours a day where customers are helping each other with finding new uses to the same products by sharing their experience. This is the kind of innovation that SeedNet intends to bring to every industry possible.

Another important factor that SeedNet see in improving quality of life is the simplification of day-to-day processes. Imagine the amount of time and effort saved by being able to perform information search, comparison shopping and ordering with physical pick-up of a particular product. Less traveling around means less traffic jam, less fuel consumption, less polution and most important of all, less stress!